Performance models in detail

Applifly is performance-based and offers you exclusively the new Pay-per-Applicant service. This means you pay for job postings per effective application. Or you can choose the conventional models "Pay per Click and "Pay per Lead": this is customized recruiting!

Pay per Applicant

The pay-per-applicant price model (PPA) is the innovation in the Swiss recruitment market! You only pay when you receive job applications. PPA also provides better analysis and rule-based recruiting.

We evaluate incoming applications via your applicant tracking system. (ATS)

Alternatively, we provide you with the JobScout24 applicant tracking system (ATS) free of charge. In this way, you receive applications by e-mail or can manage them directly in the JobScout24 application management system.

We set the rules for the jobs you want to sponsor. We also handle steering your campaign and assist you with transfer to performance-based products.

Advantages of «Pay per Applicant»

  • You only pay when someone actually applies. You can publish as many jobs as you want.
  • Real-time information enables intelligent decisions and rapid responses. For example, you can sponsor the jobs in a targeted manner, for which you need more or fewer applications.
  • Improved Return on Investment

Pay per Lead

«Pay per Lead» is a pricing model that is based on clicks. As soon as a candidate clicks the «Apply» button, the candidate is assessed as a lead. The conversion between clicks and effectively incoming applications is an important key performance indicator (KPI) – the more leads you receive, the more applicants who actually apply.

We need an applicant tracking system (ATS) for performance measurement. Wherever possible, we use your customary processes, but we also offer the applicant tracking system (ATS) from JobScout24 free of charge for «Pay per Lead».

Advantages of «Pay per Lead»

  • You only incur costs when a candidate clicks on the «Apply» button; the clicks on your ad are not relevant.
  • PPL reduces the risk for you! If Applifly cannot provide sufficient applicant button clicks on the ad, there are no costs for you.
  • PPL can be implemented easily in your customary processes.

Pay per Click

The pay-per-click model (PPC) or cost-per-click model (CPC) has become known mainly through Google's AdWords and has been adapted by meta search engines. Since PPC only charges costs when the ad is clicked, employers have the certainty that no money will be spent on jobs that nobody sees.

We route interested applicants directly to your website. You benefit from the strong SEO visibility of our premium platforms such as JobScout24 and

Advantages of «Pay per Click»

  • Thanks to forwarding to your careers page, you benefit from the strong SEO visibility of our premium platforms ( &
  • PPC reduces the risk for you! If Applifly cannot route sufficient applicants to the ad there are no costs for you.
  • PPC can be implemented easily in your customary processes.

Why JobScout24?

JobScout24 belongs to JobCloud AG and is one of the most successful job platforms in Switzerland with approximately one million visits per month. As a meta search engine, JobScout24 links job searchers with one of the largest offers of job vacancies in Switzerland.

Advantages of JobScout24:

  • Strong SEO visibility
  • One million visits per month
  • More than 170,000 jobs online
  • Approx. 500,000 unique visitors per month
  • Efficient, easy and free management of ads and applications in the ATS of JobScout24
  • 20'000 applications per month